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Israeli Film Festival

Enjoy award-winning Israeli films from the comfort of your home:
June 18, 21, 25 & 28.

Each film will be screened using a link and password. Please read the Screening Notes following each film description for instructions on how to view the film.

All films have English subtitles.

Douze Points

June 18

Comedy | 2019 | 90 min

“Douze points” refers to the highest score available in the Eurovision song competition, the backdrop to this free-wheeling satire of terrorist operatives. As French chanteur TJ, a gay Muslim, prepares to represent his country at the competition in Tel Aviv, a homophobic terrorist, sensational tabloids and obsessive Mossad agents dog his path to fame and triumph.

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June 21

Thriller | 2019 | 123 min

In 1995, Yitzhak Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel, was assassinated by an ultranationalist, right-wing Zionist who opposed the leader’s signing of the Oslo Accords. Rabin’s murder was a definitive and infamous moment in the struggling peace process with Palestinians and also in Israel’s charged history—so much so that it has never been depicted in a feature film, until now.

Israeli-American filmmaker Yaron Zilberman sets out, with a rigorous, exacting gaze, to expose – through the eyes of Rabin’s assassin, Yigal Amir – the motivations that led to Rabin’s death. Set in the year preceding the incident, Zilberman’s meticulously crafted film explores Amir’s world, from his family home to his failed relationships to his radicalization on illegal settlements.

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June 25

Documentary | 2019 | 88 min

Shortly before her passing, Golda Meir was interviewed for Israeli television. After the shoot ended, the cameras kept rolling, recording an intimate talk with the first, and only, woman to ever rule Israel. As she lit one cigarette after the other, Golda spoke freely, pleading her case for her term as Prime Minister – five turbulent years that secured her place in history, albeit at a high personal cost.

Golda tells the story of Meir’s dramatic premiership – from her surprising rise to power and iconic international stature as “queen of the Jewish people,” to her tragic and lonely demise.

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June 28

Drama | 2018 | 98 min

Echo, a suspenseful drama about Avner, a man who seems to have it all – a career as a tunnel engineer; marriage to Ella, a beautiful psychologist; and two kids. He begins to suspect Ella of having an affair and listens in to her phone calls, learning secrets that he doesn’t know how to handle. Although the film is set mostly in upper-class neighbourhoods of Haifa, it also explores the dark tunnels beneath the city and the dangers of digging too deep.

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If you have questions about any of the films please contact Vered Israel Program Manager
Ella Dagan, edagan@jccottawa.com

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