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Naomi Bulka Community Mikvah

The Naomi Bulka Community Mikvah at the Soloway JCC

To visit the Mikvah for taharat mishpacha or a bridal immersion, please call the SJCC at (613) 798-9818, press 9, and follow the menu prompts to select the day you would like to make an appointment.

If you are trying to reach an attendant directly at the Mikvah during the evening hours, please call (613)798-9818 x287.

To learn about other uses of the mikvah, speak with your Rabbi, Rebbetzin, or spiritual leader. Or, please contact Julie Hay at or (613)798-9818  ext. 251.  

If you have questions regarding how to prepare for the Mikvah, please consult your Rabbi, Rebbetzin, Mikvah teacher or spiritual guide.

To learn more about the Naomi Bulka Community Mikvah, including how to access the mikvah, what to bring and what will take place at the mikvah, please download this PDF booklet.