The most convenient way to register for most programs is online using our new online registration system, Amilia.

  • A 3.5% administration fee will be added to all transactions including credit cards, e-cheque, cash and debit payments.
  • All members in a Multi Person Membership must reside at the same address in order for discounts to be applied.   

Have registration difficulties? Try registering here.

How to Create an Account

  1. Create an account on Amilia online or on your mobile phone (iOSAndroid).
  2. Learn more about your new account features including viewing your entire family’s activity schedule, accessing all your invoices and SJCC correspondence and instructions.
  3. Upload your photo ID to the app.

Navigating Your Personal Amilia Account

Log In to Amilia:
Access your Amilia account using your credentials.

Welcome to the Home tab:
After logging in, you’ll land on the Home tab. This is your starting point for account exploration.

  • Discover Upcoming Activities: Instantly spot your upcoming activities on the Home tab.
  • Explore My Calendar: For more details, go to My Calendar. This section offers a month-wise view of events.
  • Personalize Your Calendar: Tailor your calendar by individual or group. It’s all about organizing it your way.

Billing Tab Insights:
Find invoices under the Billing tab. Review and even print them for your records.

  • Track Purchases: In the Purchases tab, view purchases for each member. Links to invoices and items are included.
  • Filter Purchases by Date: Refine your view by filtering purchases – last month, three, six, twelve months, or all.
  • Smooth Payments in the Payment tab: Manage payments using the Payment tab. Add your credit card and authorize its use by organizations.

Manage Members:
Visit the Members tab to see and add members. Edit details effortlessly and upload profile pictures.

Stay Informed with Communication:
Check the Communication tab for organization messages. Copies are also sent to your personal email if allowed.

Personalize Settings:
In the Settings tab, customize your experience. Change your email, password, and more to suit your preferences.

  • Data Management:
    Download your account data or delete your profile, all within the Settings tab.

Access Organization Store:
Need quick access to the store? Click Find a Store. Type the organization name to link directly to the store.