Yom Hazikaron

Yom Hazikaron

Israel’s Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terror.

Sunday, May 12, 2024 at 7:00pm

Commemorate Israel’s Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terror with a special film including messages from Ottawa’s Jewish community leaders and Israeli Embassy officials.

Additional security measures will be in place for this event; registration is required.

The fourth of Iyar, the day preceding Israel’s Independence Day, was declared by the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) to be a Memorial Day for those who lost their lives in the struggle that led to the establishment of the State of Israel and for all military personnel who were killed while in active duty in Israel’s armed forces.

Throughout Israel (the country) special services are held in honor of the fallen soldiers. The military cemeteries overflow with grieving families and friends, and others wishing to pay their respects to heroes who gave their lives defending the State of Israel. It is a day commemorating the loss of all men and women who died for Israel, whether they served in the IDF, Israel’s armed services, or were victims of acts of terror.

For 24 hours (from Sunset to sunset) all places of public entertainment are closed. The most noticed feature of the day is the sound of siren that is heard throughout the country twice, during which the entire nation observes a two minutes “standstill” of all traffic and daily activities.

With their death, they commanded us life!