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Israeli Programs

Contact: Ella Dagan
613-798-9818 x243

Vered Israel Cultural & Educational Program

The Vered families have established a special program to foster Israeli culture in Ottawa. The Vered Israel Cultural & Educational program presents concerts, lectures, and exhibitions in association with the Embassy of Israel, as well as other organizations.

Monuments in Israel

Virtual Tour of memorial and independence sites in the Galilee with Noam Tamir – a tour guide and a former pilot in the IDF.

we will hold tours of courage, heroism, battle heritage, tours following fighters, and tours following fallen people who tell the story of the defence of the Land of Israel and the State of Israel. From the War of Independence to the battles and wars we have experienced in recent years. We will talk about commanders and generals but also about the heroism and courage of the warriors and junior commanders. We will tell the story of the sites and we will learn what the many monuments scattered around our country, tell us.

Time: Aug 18, 2021 02:00 PM

Sustainable Nation – Movie

A short introduction to the film Sustainable Nation by Eli Lipshitz, Head of Public Diplomacy at Embassy of Israel in Canada followed by the new hour-long documentary from Imagination Productions, follows three individuals who are doing their part to bring sustainable water solutions to an increasingly thirsty planet.

Using solutions developed in water-poor Israel, they are working to change the status quo of a world where one in ten people lacks access to safe drinking water.

But water is just the beginning. The work of this visionary trio highlights the nexus between food, energy and water and underscores how solving these enormous challenges can help free women, and the world, from life-threatening poverty, illness and lack of opportunity.

Time: Aug 26, 2021 06:00 PM

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Hallelujah! Assemble, Pray, Study – Synagogues Past & Present

LIVE virtual program with an Israeli guide from The Museum of Jewish People in Tel Aviv

Visitors will be going on a fascinating journey of discovery and exploration of the unique and ongoing story of the Jewish people.  A spectacular exhibition based on the famous collection of synagogue models. The exhibition showcases 21 models representing various communities and Jewish life relating to the synagogue: social gatherings, study, creativity and prayer, as well as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, fundraising, charity, etc.

Wednesday, August 4 @ 3:00pm

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Vered Hebrew Books Library

Contact Ella to arrange book pick-ups/donations