Health & Wellness


Health & Wellness

Our amazing SJCC Fitness Instructors are busy putting together energetic workouts that you can do at home. Check back regularly to see what’s new. Let Carla know if there is something you would like to see here

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New Meeting ID & Password!

30 Minute Chair Yoga with Liz  — Part 1

30 Minute Chair Yoga with Liz — Part 2: Shalom and Namaste

30 Minute Chair Exercise with Dalia

20 Minute Chair Exercise with Ryan

Tabata/Bootcamp with Dylan

Yoga and Meditation

Breath Work with Terry

Fundamental Stretching with Terry

Yoga with Carla


 Yoga with Rhona

Beginner Yoga with Sylvia

Beginner Yoga with Josh

Hatha Yoga with Terry

Bring strength, balance and flexibility to your life through basic postures done at your own pace.

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Tabata with Dalia

Bootcamp with Carla

Hi/Lo with Terry

High and low impact cardiovascular conditioning, core conditioning, cool down and stretch.

Cardio Workout with Carla

Get ready to sweat!

Monday, July 20 6pm:
Meeting ID: 825-2187-4696
Password: 526548

Tuesday, July 21
Meeting ID: 879-3519-7233
Password: 385686

Wednesday, July 22
Meeting ID: 867-1152-3782
Password: 551517

Thursday, July 23
Meeting ID: 819-6505-8603
Password: 941301

Friday, July 24
Zumba Party 6pm:
Meeting ID: 854-3374-6018
Password: 166374

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Body Weight Exercise with Carla

682 098 1506

Classes every:

  • Tuesday @ 6 PM
  • Thursday @ 6 PM

Pilates with Terry

 Ballet Barre with Lidiia

BodyArt with Sandra

PowerPump with Carla

Enjoy Carla’s popular muscle-building class from home. Only 48 push-ups, in this video but go ahead…do two more. You know you can!

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AbSolutely Abs with Dalia


Core Workout with Ryan

20 minutes is all you need

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Trainer Tips

Resistance Exercise with Julie


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