Birthday Parties

General Party Information

  • All prices are for up to 16 children.
  • There are additional charges for more children.
  • Birthday child is included in the numbers.
  • All food for all parties must be kosher.
  • A $50 non-refundable deposit is to be paid at the time of your booking for all birthday packages

Sports Party (Age 4 – 12)

If you live for sports there is no better way to celebrate your big day. You pick the sport – basketball, floor hockey or soccer. Your party includes 1 hour in the gym with a coordinator leading and instructing the sport. It also includes an undecorated party room to use for food after.

$250 M • $275 NM

Pool Party (Age 5 – 12)

Everyone loves a pool party. Celebrate your party the wet way with special games for the pool. Your party includes an hour in the pool with a lifeguard leading all games and activities in your section of the pool as well as an undecorated party room to use for food after.

$250 M • $275 NM

Birthday Bash (Age 4 – 12)

You pick the theme, we create the party! Your specially designed party includes birthday cake or cupcakes, drinks, a decorated room and a party co-coordinator for the entire party and a party character or instructor.

  • Superheroes (ages 4 +)
  • Princess/Fairy Tales (ages 4 +)
  • Pirates (ages 5 +)
  • Star Wars (ages 5 +)
  • Dance or Drama (ages 7 +)
  • Beading (ages 7 + )
  • Yoga (ages 7 +)
  • Martial Arts (ages 7 +)
  • Harry Potter (ages 8 +)

$300 M • $325 NM
Add loot bags $345 M • $375 NM


Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo (Age 4 – 12)

Get up-close and personal with these amazing creatures at the Soloway JCC. Creepy crawlers come out one at a time while the zoo keeper explains all the cool things about each reptile. Children have the opportunity to touch and/or hold almost every animal. Your party includes an hour of Little Ray’s, a party coordinator to help with the second hour, a decorated party room, cake/cupcakes and drinks.

Package #1:

8-10 animals, including snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, amphibians and bugs.

Package #2:
Similar animals as Package #1, but much larger, and also includes a small crocodilian (alligator, crocodile or caiman).

$300 M • $325 NM
Add loot bags $340 M • $375 NM

Radical Ray’s Science (Age 4 – 12)

All parties begin with some science related magic tricks, just to get the kids warmed up. Next they will participate in a series of experiments from one of the packages below. Your party includes an hour of Radical Ray’s programming, a party coordinator to help with the second hour, a decorated party room, cake/cupcakes and drinks.

Package #1: Potions in Motion
Colour-changing properties and experiments demonstrating how they relate to everyday things are part of the intro to Acids & Bases. Next the party moves into “Burp Science!” (a.k.a. Carbon Dioxide demonstrations). “Volcano Bubble Baths”, “Taste Test!”, “Misty Showers,” “Catch the Gas!” and “Sitting on a Cloud” are all part of the science party fun. The party wraps up with Silly Polymer Putty that the kids make and take home.

Package #2: Heat Wave
Learn about “Flash Point” and the concepts of temperature and variables. We will demonstrate the composition of firework, and kids will leave their own thermal imprints with the use of “thermal image boards.” Your children will enjoy a group experience of “under water volcanoes.” The party finishes with the kids making their very own polymer science, Lava Slime!

Package #3: Light it Up!
Introductory concepts of light are introduced while children explore the ultra-violet spectrum, uncover the chemical mysteries of “glow” (Chemiluminescence) and have an opportunity to “Seize their Silhouette”. The party includes demonstrations of electrical currents, Indoor  “Lightning,” homemade “Plasma Balls” and custom polymer science. Choose between glow putty or glow slime that the kids will make and take home.

$300 M • $375 NM