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After-School Care

Fall 2023


JK (OJCS Only), Senior Kindergarten to Grade 6 

September 5, 2023–June 25, 2024 

When school is over for the day the SJCC welcomes children into our nurturing and enriching after-school centre. Students from the OJCS are picked up at 3:45 and walked over to the Centre. Students from other schools are welcome. Children are given a kosher, nut-free snack, work on homework and participate in activities involving art, science, games, gym time or outside play. 

Just 4 Kids is available Monday to Friday for the entire school year and can be used daily, weekly or monthly. For Friday early Shabbat dismissals see OJCS Early Shabbat Dismissal Program. 

Sibling discounts are available and a reduced price for children enrolled in additional after-school programs while registered in Just 4 Kids. Prices are revised midway through each term. 


SJCC Member


Monday-Friday $2,970
Sibling price $2,610
Sibling price $2,970
Monday  $578
Sibling price $510
Sibling price $578
Tuesday  $612
Sibling price $540
Sibling price $612
Wednesday $629
Sibling price $555
Sibling price $624
Thursday  $646
Sibling price $570
Sibling price $646
Friday $578
Sibling price $510
Sibling price $578

No Just 4 Kids Program on:

  • February 16 (Pd Day)
  • February  19 – 23 (OJCS Winter Break)
  • March 29 (Good Friday)
  • April 22 – 30 (Passover School Break),
  • May 20 (Victoria Day)
  • June 12, 13 (Shavuot) 

Payments for Just for Kids can be made monthly please contact Gail Lieff to register 

Pick-up Times

Monday to Thursday
  3:45 pm–6:00 pm
(Start times according to school dismissal) 

November 10 – March 22
April 5 – June 21

5:00 pm
6:00 pm


OJCS Families save on an SJCC Membership!

Contact Membership Director, Patrice Berdowski for more information, 

OJCS Shabbat Early Dismissal Program

October 27, 2023– March 15, 2024

Senior Kindergarten – Grade 7 
This program is for children who are not registered in our Just 4 Kids on Fridays but require care for their children when OJCS will start with their Shabbat early dismissals from school.  This program will run until 4:00 pm and runs in accordance with the 2 pm or 3 pm dismissals between November and March

$295 SJCC Member • $325 Non Member
Sibling price $255 Member • $295 Non Member 
No Early Dismissal Program:  November 24, February 16, 23

Please contact Gail Lieff to register as space is limited.