Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

Increase your fitness level and see results with a personalized program designed to help you reach your goals.

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Meet our Trainers

Ryan Armitage

Throughout my 15+ years fitness career, I have educated myself through experience in many different areas, including training young athletes preparing for combines and university sports and working with people of all ages and abilities. My passion, and where I have devoted much of my expertise over the past few years, is working with people with disabilities and special needs.

My work in this area lead to articles in the Ottawa Citizen; I was named Canada’s Everyday Hero by CTV National and earned the Algonquin College Alumni Changing Lives Award. This recognition inspired me to further my education and to speak to various groups about fitness for special populations.

Whatever your background or fitness goals; if you are looking for motivation, want to work hard, and most importantly, HAVE FUN, then I look forward to training with you.

  • Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma- Algonquin College
  • CanFit Pro PTS
  • Sports Performance Institute (SPI)- Master Trainer
  • Numerous continuing education courses in Special Populations/Adaptive fitness for those with disabilities


  • Canada’s Everyday Hero – CTV National News
  • Algonquin College Alumni Changing Lives Award
  • Rotary International Community Service award

Dalia Ben-Shoshan

With my knowledge in the Health Sciences sector, as well as my experience as a personal trainer, I can provide my clients with various exercises, accommodated to their needs, that will provide them with effective results. I like to change up the routines I give to my clients from time to time, in order to maintain a slight challenge and to keep things interesting.

My goal is to make exercise an enjoyable experience rather than something one must do in order to stay healthy. If you’re ready to have fun and get fit at the same time, I am the right trainer for you!

  • Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, certificate from University of Bar Ilan
  • Personal trainer certificate
  • Tabata Bootcamp training certificate
  • Spinning Cyclist certificate

Brock Boisclair

Playing sports, being active, and staying healthy has always been a big part of my life. I played sports at a young age and grew a passion for hockey and working out. I was first introduced to personal training while I was playing competitive hockey. It was at that point I realized personal training is a great way to help people attain their goals all while remaining healthy and active at the same time. I graduated from Algonquin college with a Fitness & Health promotion diploma in April of 2020. Since then, I gained professional experience in both group fitness and personal training. I have worked with a wide array of individuals who each had different goals in mind. I have helped clients achieve sport specific goals, body composition goals, and general health and well-being goals. I do not think there is just one right way to train. Everyone has different goals, limits, schedules, and interests and therefore should have a personalized approach to their health and fitness journey.


  • Certified personal trainer (CSEP)
  • Certified Nutritionist (ISSA)
  • 2-year diploma Fitness & Health promotion
  • Standard first aid and CPR


Chris Deschamps

Sports and exercise have always been a huge part of my life. Growing up, hockey was my passion, and playing four years of junior hockey allowed me to explore fitness as a way to improve my health off the ice, and performance on the ice. Researching the importance of exercise and nutrition and how they can improve one’s quality of life took over as my new passion.

I create personalized programs focused on longevity, reinforcement of proper form and technique, and continuous progression towards their goals. Consistency is essential and my programs are enjoyable, safe, and efficient.

My goal is to help clients; including those with injuries, ailments, or disabilities, become more functional in their day-to-day lives.


“After six long months, I am delighted to be back training with Chris Deschamps at the the JCC fitness centre. As well as being professionally qualified and technically proficient, Chris has the gift of knowing just which exercises and machines are most appropriate for his client for that particular day – which muscle groups need working and just how hard he can push you. After only four sessions, I have regained all the progress I had made pre-covid and am looking forward to continuing to work toward achieving my fitness goals.  Thanks Chris!”


“Chris’ safe, sustainable, efficient methodology is quite simply second to none.  There are lots of ways to “get in shape” but if you want something you can stick to, injury free for decades, in the least time, with maximum results, Chris is among the best!” 


 “As a chiropractor, I was looking for a trainer that I could refer for safe and effective strength training to help improve health outcomes for my patients. Chris does a great job in getting my patients to love strength training and they love him because he gets great results in a short time. Thanks Chris!!!”  



  • Algonquin College-Diploma in Health & Fitness Promotion
  • Certified Personal Trainer: Sports Performance Institute Level III-Training for Competitive Sport
  • Certified Personal Trainer: Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology
  • Standard First Aid + Level ‘C’ CPR + AED-St. John Ambulance

Julie Fine

Everyone wants better health. Life is to be lived in the real world, not a perfect one. The journey is not a straight line. Clients know what they want, but not always what they need to get there!

I believe if you don’t have mobility, balance and consistently good habits i.e. exercising, eating, sleeping, relaxing; you won’t have better health. Whether you are focussing on a better you, about to have surgery, or have just finished rehab; an individualized, safe exercise program is essential. My job is to assist you in achieving your goals of strength and mobility, and in enjoying more of what life has to offer.

  • Personal Trainer 20+yrs
  • Spin Fit Instructor
  • Urban Poling Instructor
  • Ottawa Heart Institute HEARTWISE certified
  • Standard First Aid + Level ‘C’ CPR + AEDheartwise_certified


Johnathan Gordon


Your health should be your top priority and with safe, effective and efficient exercise, you can maintain a high level of functional ability, maximize lifelong health and improve over-all quality of life. Ignoring the importance of proper exercise can lead to functional limitations and potential health risks.johnathan2017

Our time is valuable and proper exercise is meant to be intense but can be brief. Progressive resistance training, when performed correctly, is an effective method for advancing improvements in muscular strength, size and endurance, cardiovascular and metabolic efficiency, flexibility, bone density and connective tissue strength and body composition.

I promote training that follows these standards in order to maintain life-long health and functional ability and teach the best methods to achieve this.

  • Secondary Education: Algonquin College Diploma in Fitness & Health Promotion
  • Certified Personal Trainer: Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology
  • Certified Personal Trainer: CanFit Pro
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer: YMCA
  • Standard First Aid + Level C CPR + AED – FD/NP: St. John Ambulance
  • Level C CPR + AED: Ottawa Paramedic Services Community Medicine Program


Trevor Hilltrevor

I have been an avid active athlete all of my life and in 2007 decided to take my love for sports and fitness and use it to help others. My approach is to design a unique custom program that fits your specific goals. I will assist you in reaching those goals faster with greater precision and confidence knowing that you are doing all that you can to be on the best track to health and wellness with the results to back it up. Some of my specialties include; strength training, weight management, injury rehabilitation, sports nutrition and bodybuilding.

  • Certified Fitness Trainer – I.S.S.A.
  • Certified Personal Trainer Specialist – Can-Fit-Pro;
  • Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist – I.S.S.A.
  • Certified Master Trainer – S.P.I.
  • Twist Conditioning Silver Level:  Sport Movement Essentials
  • Twist Conditioning Bronze Level: Sport Balance, Sport Strength, Sport Core, Agility, Quickness, & Reactivity
  • Paralegal Diploma – Algonquin College
  • Electronic Engineering Degree – Algonquin College
  • CPR  Level C & First Aid


personal_trainer_daniel_larabieDaniel Larabie

With over 21 years in the health and fitness industry, Daniel has become a locally recognized exercise theorist and a sought after fitness educator/mentor by clients as well as many fitness professionals. Promoting “Proactive Health Care” as opposed to personal training, he has created a loyal and growing clientele. Dan conveys technical knowledge in a way that is both highly informative yet easy to learn.

  • Extensive knowledgeable in all areas of health & fitness
  • Learn the “whys” on strength training and wellness protocols
  • Time management – receive the most return on investment with your exercise regimes
  • Learn safe, rational, and results-oriented low force strength training protocols where progress can be easily quantified
  • Over 21 years experience in the industry educating clients and mentoring fellow fitness professionals
  • Learn the fallacies/myths of fitness & nutrition and how to avoid them
  • Extensive background in orthomolecular nutrition
    • BSc. Kinesiology – York University
    • Fitness Educator/Mentor
    • Exercise Theorist
    • Exercise Clinician – I.A.R.T.
    • Personal Trainer Specialist – Can-Fit-Pro
    • Personal Trainer – A.C.E.
    • Fitness and Nutrition Consultant Diploma – I.C.S.
    • Nutrition Consultant – A.F.P.A.
    • CPR (Level C), AED, First Aid – Red Cross

Nick McGunigal nick_m

As an athlete, I have always had an interest in fitness and physical health. Since joining the fitness industry, I have learned that everyone is different so a client-centered approach is a must for a full workout regimen. With my education and certifications, I deliver a client-centered approach in a manner that is both effective and efficient for all. I provide you a workout regimen that focuses on improving cardiovascular and muscular fitness and will also help increase your overall quality of life.

Regular exercise can be hard to maintain, so I keep a flexible schedule for my clients. I believe a workout regimen must be challenge and engage. Together, we will figure out what you find enjoyable and implement that into your training. With a bit of effort, we will reach your goals!

  • Secondary Education: 2-year diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion –Algonquin College
  • Certified Personal Trainer: Masters Certificate – Sport Performance Institute
  • Instructor for various Group Fitness classes
  • Standard First-Aid and CPR

Brian Moran

Fitness and activity has always been part of my lifestyle. Throughout my career I was an avid runner participating in 7 Marathons and countless half marathons and 10k events. When I retired in 2013 I changed my focus to triathlons and on learning how to swim more effectively and train more diligently for the bike. Since then I have participated in 14 Triathlons of varying distance.

I enjoy working with clients, either one-on-one or in a group, as they engage in their fitness goals. My goal is to work with people to tailor an approach and program that helps them more comfortably extend their journey. With a little coaching and encouragement, goals can be reached that previously may have seemed unattainable.

  • Canfit Pro since 2014
  • YMCA Fitness and Cycling since 2015
  • Triathlon Canada NCCP Community Leader 2016
  • CPR
  • Fascia, Movement and Assessments
  • Nutrition

personal_trainer_gloria_schwartzGloria Schwartz

I’m passionate about helping people of all ages and abilities optimize their fitness, health and quality of life.

I understand the challenges of change. I used to be overweight, sedentary, unfit and anxious about my poor health. I modified my lifestyle and improved my fitness, weight and body composition; most importantly, I slowed the progression of chronic disease.

After transforming myself, I became a personal trainer so I could help others improve their lives, and then I became a fitness columnist, author and motivational speaker in order to inspire and educate people beyond the bricks and mortar of the gym. When I’m not training clients or writing, I enjoy strength training and running half marathons.

I offer a results-oriented, fun, varied, safe and efficient workout tailored to your specific goals and health issues. As a certified fitness kickboxing instructor, I also offer the value-added option of confidence-boosting kickboxing drills. I’m here to motivate and coach you so you can achieve your personal best.


Gloria, Thank you for your positive impact on my well-being for the last (nearly) six years. I appreciate your sensitivity to my unique needs, your creativity in introducing a variety of different activities during my workouts, your consistent encouragement, and the laughs and good conversation during our time together.  I’m looking forward to many more years together.

– Susan G.

Gloria, I appreciate that you keep me on track with my fitness goals and you don’t try to push me farther than I want to go. You encourage me and help me and congratulate me on my successes and you don’t make me feel guilty if my goals are modest. I am in MUCH better shape than last year at this time and I feel great. Thanks for helping me!

– Diane K.

Gloria, there are many positive thoughts I have that I want to say to you but we can be sitting here all day. But here are a few highlights of training with you. You are a very encouraging and uplifting person. You are very motivational and know how to give good advice. I appreciate it deeply. Any time I feel like giving up, your wise words ground me and motivate me to move on. I tell myself that quitting is not an option and that I need to move on. I’m very grateful to have such a wonderful motivational trainer like you. 

– Nina A.


  • Certified Personal Trainer – Can-Fit-Pro
  • Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor – Fitness Kickboxing Canada heartwise_certified
  • Certified in CPR/AED
  • B.A. Psychology – McGill University
  • M.A. Educational Technology – Concordia University
  • Completed Ottawa Heart Institute’s Heart Wise workshop
  • Completed Human Kinetics Exercise and Sports Psychology course
  • Seniors’ chair fitness instructor and substitute instructor for Vitality Plus, PowerPump, Bootcamp, Cardio Kickboxing classes
  • Fitness columnist for the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin
  • Motivational Speaker on fitness, health and lifestyle topics
  • Author of the book Personal Best: Train Your Brain and Transform Your Body for Life 



Debora Sloanpersonal_trainer_deb

Living with Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 12, healthy living and nutrition management are part of my daily life. I practice what I preach and set out to motivate my clients to find healthy solutions.

I have been active for over 20 years and am empowered by looking and feeling strong. My own personal sport and fitness experience is varied, ranging from high school soccer, competitive swimming, weight lifting, boxing, running, yoga, and Crossfit training. I love to bring elements of all of these sports into my classes and coaching.

As a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, and Crossfit Level 1 Certified Coach, I combine high-intensity functional fitness, mobility exercises, and traditional weight lifting movements to provide a well-rounded and ever-changing fitness regimen. I am committed and creative when it comes to modifying exercises to suit personal goals, injuries, and fitness levels and am a stickler for proper form. I help my clients get lasting results by arming them with the most up-to-date information on fuelling for health and performance. I have clinical experience in the management and prevention of nutrition-related diseases, specializing in sports nutrition, diabetes and exercise, and weight management.

I provide each client with a fun and energizing experience that never gets repetitive or boring!

  • CPR C/AED 2016
  • Sport Nutrition Certification (Dietitians of Canada) 2015
  • Crossfit Level 1 Certified (2014)
  • Registered Dietitian (College of Dietitians of Ontario) 2013
  • Clinical dietetic internship (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre) 2013
  • BSc. Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Western, Brescia College) 2012
  • Personal Trainer Specialist (Canfit Pro) 2010
  • BAH Art History and Sociology (Queen’s University) 2000

Personal Trainer Programs and Fees


1 session $58
4 sessions $210
8 sessions $404
12 sessions $593
Shared Session (2 people) $74
Off-Site Session $74
Group personal training (3 people) $95

Please note: To cancel a Personal Training session, please contact your trainer directly at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment or you will be charged for the missed session.

Fit and Flexible

Book your appointment for an optimum 30 minute stretch with a personal trainer, designed to reduce the risk of injury to joints, muscles and tendons and reduce muscular soreness, tension and stress. Greater flexibility leads to improved range of motion and better posture. Contact Carla Gencher

2 Sessions – $58
4 Sessions – $105
6 Sessions – $152
8 Sessions – $199