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Group Fitness


January 1 – March 31

Free for members. Schedules subject to change.

Please see schedule here.

Class Descriptions

Mindfulness Meditation: Be calmer, less stressed, focused and grounded through instruction, discussion and practice.

Cardio’n’Core: Combines your favourite aspects of cardio including basic step, interval, and hi/lo, followed by core strengthening. 25 minutes cardio, 15 minutes core, 5 minute stretch.

Ballet Barre Fit: Combines ballet barre exercises, with flexibility, core conditioning, muscular endurance and mat work to develop a toned physique. No dance experience required. Suggested footwear: socks with grips on the bottom.

Chair Yoga: Chair-based yoga focusing on posture and healthy joints that strengthens the entire body. Heart Wise Exercise program.

PowerPump: 5 min. warm–up, 40–50 min. of muscular strength and endurance followed by 5–10 minutes of stretch and cool down.

Fast Fit: 45 min. complete workout alternating upper and lower body strengthening with cardio stations.

Ab–solutely: 20 min. abdominal and lower back conditioning.

Hi/Lo: 5 min. warm–up, 40 min. of high and low impact cardiovascular conditioning, core conditioning, cool down, stretch.

Bootcamp: Total body workout includes warm–up, cool down and stretch.

Zumba: Latin rhythms and easy moves create a dynamic and effective aerobic workout.

Vitality Plus: A low impact class combining cardiovascular exercises, muscle toning and stretching. Heart Wise Exercise program

Bender Ball Abs: An effective ab workout using a mini stability ball.

Basic Yoga: Brings strength, balance and flexibility to your life through basic postures done at your own pace.

Core Yoga: Improves postural alignment, awareness, balance, and stability of the pelvis and spine. Improves proprioception, to increase core strength and enhance postural alignment of the feet, pelvis and torso.

Beginner Yoga: Offered at a slower pace, focuses on the basics of yoga, breath work and movement.

bodyART: A functional movement training system that balances your strength, flexibility and mental concentration. All bodyART classes are performed barefoot with your body as your only equipment, and use breathing techniques to enhance your performance. Based on traditional Chinese medicine principles of Yin and Yang, bodyART challenges you to equalize your powerful, dynamic energy with passive relaxation. This purposeful experience creates a powerful and lasting effect in your daily life.

STRONG by Zumba — NOT a dance class! The first non-dance-based class from the fitness brand, STRONG by Zumba is a high intensity workout with a unique spin on HIIT exercises combining body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves to original music specifically designed to match each move. Burn calories while toning arms, legs, abs and glutes.

Core Training: Perform functional exercises that strengthen abdominal and back muscles to improve overall posture. A variety of equipment maybe used to enhance the workout.

*Please note: On the Sundays we offer Hi/Low, it will be followed by Powerpump.
On the Sundays we offer Zumba, it will be followed by bodyArt.