Group Fitness

Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Fall: September 3–December 31 • Winter: January 1–March 30

Free for members. Schedules subject to change.

Please see January 2018 schedule here.

Class Descriptions

PowerPump: 5 minute warm–up, 40–50 minutes of muscular strength and endurance followed by 5–10 minutes of stretch and cool down.

Fast Fit: 45 minute complete workout which alternates upper and lower body strengthening with cardio stations.

Ab–solutely: 20 minute abdominal and lower back conditioning class.

Hi/Lo: 5 minute warm–up, 40 minutes of high and low impact cardiovascular conditioning followed by core conditioning, cool down and stretch.

Bootcamp: Increase your strength and cardio with this non–stop total body bootcamp workout. Includes a 5 minute warm–up and cool down + stretch.

Step’n’Glide: 5 minute warm–up, 25 minutes of step followed by cardiogliding, strength training, cool–down and stretch.

Zumba: Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness class. An effective aerobic workout!

Vitality Plus: Share the life enhancing benefits of regular exercise and have fun with this low impact class combining cardiovascular exercises, muscle toning and stretching.

Bender Ball Abs: The Bender Ball, which is a mini stability ball, allows you to work your abs in more effective ways.

Basic Yoga: Introduces you to a practice that brings strength, balance and flexibility to your life. Through basic postures you will discover the benefits of yoga at your own pace.

Core Yoga: a strong class focused on improving postural alignment, awareness, balance, and stability of the pelvis and spine. The yoga class is designed to improve proprioception, to increase strength of the core, and to enhance postural alignment of the feet, pelvis and torso.

Beginner Yoga: This class is offered at a slower pace and focuses on the basics of yoga, breath work and movement.

IsoFit: This low-impact workout focuses on core strength and tones larger muscle groups by using isometric contractions.

IsoFit/Yoga Combo: 45 minute IsoFit workout followed by 30 minutes of a slow, vinyasa style yoga with focus on lengthening and stretching of the muscles.

NEW CLASS! Tabata Boot Camp: Tabata and HIIT are the hottest trends in fitness. Experience three main interval timing protocols (20:10/40:30:20/30:20:15) throughout the session. Exercises switch from Cardio and Strength to achieve a total body workout. The focus is on technique and safety. Everyone is welcome no matter your fitness level.