Fitness Videos

New! Check out these Nike Training Club videos recommended by Health & Wellness Director Carla Gencher

Enjoy the energetic videos our instructors have put together over the last few months.

Yoga and Meditation

30 Min Chair Yoga with Liz:Part 1

30 Min Chair Yoga with Liz: Part 2

Breath Work with Terry

Fundamental Stretching with Terry

Yoga with Carla

 Yoga with Rhona

Beginner Yoga with Sylvia

Beginner Yoga with Josh

Hatha Yoga with Terry


Tabata with Dalia

Bootcamp with Carla

Tabata/Bootcamp with Dylan

Hi/Lo with Terry

Cardio Workout with Carla


20 Minute Chair Exercise with Ryan

Body Weight Exercise with Carla

Pilates with Terry

 Ballet Barre with Lidiia

BodyArt with Sandra

PowerPump with Carla

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AbSolutely Abs with Dalia

Core Workout with Ryan