Greenberg Families Library — New Releases


  • The Last Resort
  • A Place to Call Home Season 6
  • Streit’s Matzo and the American Dream
  • Shoah: Four Sisters


  • By My Silence by Sonia Disappear Fear
  • Indecent (Musical)



  • The Art of Being Lewis by Daniel Goodwin
  • The Bookshop of the Broken-Hearted by Robert Hillman
  • Bunny by Hannah Moscovitch
  • The Boarding House by Piotr Pazinski
  • Flight Portfolio by Julie Orringer
  • The Heart of a King: the Loves of Solomon by Jill Eileen Smith
  • Metropolis by Philip Kerr
  • Park Avenue Summer by Renee Rosen
  • The Tsimbalist by Sasha Margolis
  • The Daughter’s Tale
  • The Song of the Jade Lily


  • Communal Solidarity: Immigration, Settlement, and Social Welfare in Winnipeg’s Jewish Community, 1882-1930 by Arthur Ross
  • Everything In Its Place: First Loves and Last Tales by Oliver Sacks
  • The Lion’s Den: Zionism and the Left From Hannah Arendt to Noam Chomsky by Susie Linfield
  • Never a Native by Alice Shalvi
  • Deaf Republic: Poems by Ilya Kaminsky
  • Flights of Spirit by Elly Gotz
  • Hate: the Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism in France (and What It Means For Us) by Marc Weitzman
  • Haroset: A Taste of Jewish History by Susan Weingarten
  • Hike the Land of Israel: Israel National Trail
  • Sarah Schenirer and the Bais Yaakov Movement: A Revolution in the Name of Tradition by Naomi Seidman
  • A Thousand Small Sanities: the Moral Adventures of Liberalism by Adam Gopnik
  • I was a teenage JFK conspiracy freak by Fred Litwin
  • 1931: Debt, Crisis, and the Rise of Hitler by Tobias Straumann
  • The sacred calling: four decades of women in the rabbinate
  • Israel : the essential guide to customs & culture by Jeffrey Geri and Marian Lebor


  • Mimi in the Middle by Chani Atlein
  • Mitzvah Pizza by Sarah Lynn Scheerger
  • Teatime with Mrs. Honig by Pesiie Frankel and Yocheved Leah Perkal
  • Close Call by Aidel Stein
  • Diamonds in the Boathouse by Rivkah Small
  • Sarah Builds a School by Ann D. Koffsky and Leslie Ginsparg Klein
  • Me, My Dog and the Homework Mystery by David A. Adler
  • Pinky and Slinky at the Table by Elisheva Morgan
  • A hoopoe says “oop!” : animals of Israel by Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh