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Testimonials from Members


“Krav Maga classes changed my life”

My name is Sharron and taking Krav Maga with Ben Wallace honestly changed my life. I started the class in my late 40’s. I saw Ben’s class and signed up. I always wanted to try a self-defence course but was too scared to actually do it.

The class had all shapes, sizes and ages of people. At the time I was carrying a lot of excess weight and I’m asthmatic. I was the least fit person there. And it didn’t matter one bit.

Ben and classmates supported and encouraged me to do the training as best I could. When I needed a break, no problem at all. I looked forward to every class. And I got stronger, more confident and fitter. My self-esteem grew too.

My life experience includes assaults and violence by strangers and people I knew. I’m ok now. Lots of therapy. The very best thing I have done was to learn to defend myself. I know how to fight back and it changed me. I’m not afraid now. I am fierce.

I’ve used the skills I’ve been taught to chase off dangerous people by using Steps 1 and 2. In the market an unstable man was accosting people and aggressively asking for a ride. Ben taught situational awareness. I chose to park my car and exited on the road to avoid the fracas on the sidewalk. He ran out to me on the road and demanded a ride. I faced him and said no. He kept approaching and I got into ready stance and really loudly and menacingly said what Ben trained into us. “Back off. I said no. I don’t know you. Leave me alone.” The whole street of people turned to watch and he fled. I did this in high heels and a fancy dress and I KNEW I would be ok. It was trained in to me. I knew what to do and I was ready.

What Ben teaches is irreplaceable. I am NOT a victim

– Sharron


I love Soloway JCC because it quite literally saved my life. December 2013 I lost my mother quite suddenly and there was a huge void in my life. The cold temperatures in January of 2014 did not help my point of view and then I read about Soloway, went for a visit and joined up immediately. I have found friends, acceptance and a whole new perspective on life. Thank you Soloway staff you are the best!

– Sharon


I love the atmosphere here. The staff are friendly, greet you with a smile. The quality of the facilities is high, its clean and well maintained.

– Fran


I have never really felt like I was part of the Jewish community until I started sending my children to Ganon. There they made great friends and I started spending more time at the SJCC while my kids were at school. I made new friends and got involved in things I never thought I would.

– Andrea


I love playing basketball in the gym with my buddies.

– Sam


We love the JCC because it gives us always a sensation of a family getaway, at the most familial place as you are hanging in your backyard.

– Elite


I love the openness to everybody.

– Anonymous