Your Soloway JCC Membership Restarts in October

Thank you to all of our members who have come into the Soloway JCC to reactivate their memberships. It is great to see you back in our building!

If you were a member of the SJCC when we shut down on March 13, your membership will automatically be reactivated starting in October. Your membership payments will resume on the day of the month that you were previously making payments, prior to our shut down. For example; if your payments were coming out of your account, or being billed to your credit card, on the 7th of each month, your first membership payment will be October 7.

If you are not ready to restart your membership at this time, please contact Patrice in writing, via email by September 21, at
If there are any changes to your credit card or banking information please also let Patrice know by September

Regardless of whether you are ready to return to using our facilities, we hope you will restart your membership at this time. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated.
Group Fitness Classes, the Fitness Centre, pool and library are all open by appointment only and we are planning to have the Change Rooms open and ready in early October. Cultural and Educational Programs, Children’s Programs and swim lessons are all back this fall.