Amilia FAQ

Amilia FAQ

Will it work on non-smart phones? 

  • Amilia will only work on smart phones with access to apps or internet browsers as well as any computer/desktop.

What if only my spouse got the email link for Amilia? 

  • You only need to receive one activation link for Amilia account. With that one link you can activate everyone on the membership.

How many apps do I have to download? 

  • OPEN PATH (This provides access to the building and doubles as your membership card). All members will need a valid email address to use Open Path.
  • AMILIA SMART REC (this lets you overview any purchases and programs within the Soloway JCC.

If I don’t have a phone, how will I get in to the JCC? 

  •  You will need to pre-order a key fob – Fobs are available upon request with a $25 deposit. FOBS can be picked up within 48 hours of request at the front desk.

Will my membership still auto renew? 

  • Depending on what membership you decide to go with it will auto renew.
  • Membership that are paid in one payment will not auto renew.
  • Membership that have discounts applied will not auto renew.

If two people come in at the same time will Open Path register both having entered?  

  • NO Every person must check in at the reader before entering the building.

Does each person need an email to be able to use the apps? 

  • Each person who wishes to gain access will require their own email to do so.

What does “access has expired mean on open path”?  

  • More than likely your membership has expired check in with front desk to confirm.

Why is family, couple, single parent membership not showing up when I try to renew?

  • Membership has been broken down into 4 categories that can be packaged together and discounted to form memberships (i.e. 2 adult memberships + 2 youth membership + discounts = family membership)
  • If a family member is under 18 the membership must be purchased in person
  • All members in a Multi Person Membership must reside at the same address for the discounts to be applied.

How do I renew my membership now?

  • To renew your membership, you will go to the SJCC website and renew it from there. If you are under 18 or it is your first time purchasing a membership you will need to do so at the front desk (please bring a piece of photo ID with you).

Do I still have the option to upgrade my 3-month membership to an annual?

  • We no longer offer the option to extend your 3-month membership into an annual membership.