Israeli Film Festival

How to Watch:

On the date of each screening, a link will be provided with a password to watch the film. No purchase or registration is necessary

The remainder of the Ottawa Israeli Film Festival – the films scheduled for June 16 and June 19 –  will be moved online. In addition, the two films that were postponed – June 9th and June 12th – will also be moved online to ‘rain check’ dates of June 23rd (Image of Victory) and June 26th (More Than I Deserve). As some of you may know, there were unforeseen issues with the sound system in the theatre at Carleton, putting a damper on what we hoped would be a fruitful return to in-person programming. Though the technological challenges were outside of our control, we are committed to making this right for patrons of the festival. Ticket holders for the June 9th and June 12th films have already been reimbursed. We look forward to continuing the festival virtually.

Vered Israel Cultural and Educational Centre presents the Israeli Film Festival annually, in collaboration with Embassy of Israel, Jewish Federation of Ottawa, Zelikovitz Centre, School for Studies in Art and Culture at Carleton University, and Canada Israel Cultural Foundation.

Each year, the Israeli Film Festival brings premieres of the best contemporary Israeli cinema to Ottawa, introducing audiences to challenging and engaging dramas, comedies, and documentaries.

All films are presented with English subtitles.


Queen Shoshana*

Thursday, June 16
Documentary | 2021 | 110 min | Hebrew
Directors: Morris Ben-Mayor, Kobi Farag

While Shoshana Damari, the first Israeli diva, became known as one of the most iconic performers of our time in the public eye, she remained mysterious and private, rarely doing interviews or opening up about who she was. Shoshana quickly learned that moving millions with her voice meant sacrificing her authenticity. Behind all the fame and glory is a woman that has never truly come out of the light. This riveting documentary reveals it all.

One More Story*

Sunday, June 19
Romantic Comedy | 2021 | 91 min | Hebrew
Director: Guri Alfi

Yarden Gat is a hip young writer who doesn’t really believe in love. Still, she accepts a match from a dating site. Soon she’s talking about relationships past, and the cringe-worthy parade of infidelity, humiliation, and burned bridges. She tells a story of romance unsuccessfully engineered and serendipitously found.  Maybe it’s not the best story to share on a first date.
Or maybe it is…


Image of Victory

Thursday, June 23
Drama, 2021, 128 min, Hebrew
Director: Avi Nesher

During the 1948 War of Independence the Egyptian army retreating from its unsuccessful surge towards Tel Aviv, attacked Kibbutz Nitzanim. The story is narrated in retrospect by an Egyptian propaganda film maker embedded in the army, but the action follows the kibbutzniks, many new immigrants, who fight with bravery and ingenuity against an overwhelming force. The film contemplates victory and defeat and how that story is told.


More Than I Deserve* 

Sunday, June 26
Drama | 2021 | 82 min | Hebrew, Russian
Director: Pini Tavger

Pinhas asks his single mother, Tamara, to join his classmates in preparing for their Bar Mitzvahs. Tamara, an immigrant from Ukraine, who resists religion, refuses. When the religious neighbor volunteers to help, the two form a strong bond. Gradually Tamara falls for him too. Will the idyll hold up?

If you have questions about any of the films please contact Vered Israel Program Manager
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* These films are also sponsored by the Max and Tessie Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies