“Ganon preschool feels like a family. The good kind – where communication flows between teachers and parents, and where kids are loved and supported. The school is child-centered and creative. The facilities are first-rate. By paying close attention to classroom social dynamics, the teachers help the kids become their best selves“.
- Mira Sucharov

“Ganon preschool is quite simply the best place I can imagine sending my kids. I am constantly amazed by how much the children learn, but it’s so much
more than that.”
- Susan Stein

“When I walk into Ganon I truly feel like I am at home. The warm, welcoming and caring staff have always made me feel like I am leaving my children with my family. My children have thoroughly enjoyed their experience at Ganon”.
- Lisa Stevens

Ganon is a wonderful warm place. You feel the warmth of Ganon the second you walk in the door. All the teachers know the names of all the children and are full of smiles and hugs for everyone."
- Pam Rosenberg

“A truly wonderful experience in every way.  Our four children have gone or are going to Ganon.  A state of the art facility, a safe and enriching environment, competent, insightful and loving teachers, warm and caring families, wonderful friends."
- Jennifer Vered