‘Double Threat’ – Book Talk with Author Ellin Bessner

It is with great pleasure that Ellin – the granddaughter of one of Ottawa’s founding Jewish families, the Lieffs – brings her book and research to the Soloway JCC for a community lecture about Canada’s Jewish community, and how Ottawa responded to WWII with personnel, political support, and financial support. Her book tells the stories of well- known local families and their contribution to defeating Hitler and saving the survivors of the Final Solution. Hear about Ed Saslove, Willie Zelikovitz, the Maser family who had nine children in uniform, and many more, including some who didn’t come home.

Sunday, November 4
10:30 am – 12:00 pm

$5 at the door • Books available for Sale

Memoir as a Genre of Canadian Holocaust Literature: Reflections from the Azrieli Foundation’s Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program

Opening session for the conference, Canadian Holocaust Literature: Charting the Field

A panel featuring survivor author Nate Leipciger, managing editor Arielle Berger and educator Stephanie Corazza reflects on the process of writing and producing Holocaust survivor memoirs and the ways in which this genre serves as a foundation for Holocaust education.

Saturday, October 27 
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm  Soloway JCC

Co-sponsored by the Soloway JCC, the Azrieli Foundation, the Department of English at Ryerson University, the Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program at the University of Ottawa, the Association for Canadian Jewish Studies and Library and Archives Canada.

Speaking Globally: Yiddish and Esperanto as World Languages with Sebastien Schulman, Executive Director of Klez Kanada

A presentation exploring the parallel histories of Yiddish and Esperanto, two languages whose speakers have been scattered across the globe. Placing an internationalist reading of Yiddish cultural history beside a Jewish look at the history of Esperanto, we’ll explore the mechanics of how ideas travel and transform over transnational networks, and fashion a model for understanding the traffic of thought in today’s globalized world writ large. The session concludes with a lively performance of the speaker’s fresh translations from both cultures’ vibrant literary traditions.

Sunday, November 18
10:30 am – 12:00 pm • Soloway JCC

Co-sponsored by the Soloway JCC, the Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program and the The Esperanto Rondo de Otavo.