17th Annual Sports Breakfast of Champions


SHARON KOFFMAN MEMORIAL ATHLETIC AWARD: Recognizes outstanding sportsmanship, participation and dedication to personal goalsof excellence by a university-level varsity athlete.

JACK & MORLEY GOLDFIELD MEMORIAL AWARD FOR YOUTH ATHLETICS: Given to two high school students in recognition of their achievement, participation and organizational involvement in athletics during the past year.

THE IRVING “SHAPS” SHAPERO ATHLETIC AWARD: In recognition of long-term contributions to sport and recreation as a participant andan organizer.

THE B’NAI BRITH CANADA PARLIAMENT LODGE NO. 2159 GRADUATING STUDENT ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Given to twograduating high school students for outstanding athletic achievements throughout his/her high school years.

LOU HONIGMAN AWARD: Presented to a local Jewish athlete who, on account of his/her perseverance, courage, ability and strength ofcharacter, distinguishes him or herself in a local sporting activity over a significant period of time.

NOAH CANTOR MIDDLE SCHOOL ATHLETIC AWARD: Presented to a male and a female student for outstanding athletic achievement during the past school year (grade 7 & 8).

OTTAWA JEWISH SPORTS HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES ATHLETES CATEGORY: Nominees must be retired from their given sport for two years and have participated at an elite level, (provincial, national level championship. Major Junior, CIS, NCAA, Professional level). Please submit all nominations to the

Selection Committee at jbraun@jccottawa.com by May 25th 2018.

Celebrate our community’sathletic heroes of the past 12 months. Middle school, high school and university athletes will be honored along with our community volunteersand team champions.

Sunday, June 10, 2018 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Soloway JCC
Kosher Buffet Breakfast
Children 13 and under: $10 Adults: $15

Tickets available at the SJCC front desk

Special Guest Pat Messner, World Water Ski and Olympic Champion

For more information please contact Soloway JCC Director of Athletics, Jon Braun (613) 798-9818 ext. 267.