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bodyArt is a functional movement training system that balances your strength, flexibility and mental concentration. All bodyART classes are performed barefoot with your body as your only equipment, and use breathing techniques to enhance your performance. Based on traditional Chinese medicine principles of Yin and Yang, bodyART challenges you to equalize your powerful, dynamic energy with passive relaxation. This purposeful experience creates a powerful and lasting effect in your daily life.

*Please note: On the Sundays we offer Hi/Low, it will be followed by Powerpump. (5 minute warm–up, 40–50 minutes of muscular strength and endurance followed by 5–10 minutes of stretch and cool down.)
On the Sundays we offer Zumba, it will be followed by bodyArt.



May 12 Hi/Lo Stretch Powerpump
May 19 Zumba bodyART
May 26 Hi/Lo Stretch Powerpump
June 2 Zumba bodyART
June 9 Closed for Shavuot
June 16 Zumba bodyART
June 23 Hi/Lo Stretch Powerpump
June 30 Zumba bodyART

Instructors for 9:15am Hi/Lo Stretch: Dylan or Terry
Instructors for 9:15am Zumba: Josee

Instructors for 10:30am bodyArt: Sandra
Instructors for 10:30am Power Pump: Dylan or Terry

Instructors are subject to change.