Group Fitness Class Descriptions

All Group Fitness, Aquawaves and Spinfit classes are included in your membership

Basic Yoga

Brings strength, balance and flexibility to your life through basic postures done at your own pace.


5 minute warm–up, 40–50 min. of muscular strength and endurance followed by 5–10 minutes of stretch and cool down.


The best of both shallow and deep water aquafit. Aquawaves focuses on cardiovascular endurance with full body toning and an aqua stretch segment for relaxation. Aqua belts are provided for flotation.


Get a fun, high energy workout in our SpinFit Studio.


Increase your strength and cardio with this non–stop total body bootcamp workout. Includes a 5 minute warm–up and cool down + stretch.


Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness class. An effective aerobic workout!


20 minute abdominal and lower back conditioning class.

Vitality Plus

Share the life enhancing benefits of regular exercise and have fun with this low-impact class combining cardiovascular exercises, muscle toning and stretching.

Chair Yoga

Helps with stiff and aching joints, balance, posture and alignment.  Includes 30 minutes of seated yoga poses that strengthen the body and 30 minutes standing, using the chair and other props for stability and support.

Ballet Barre Fit

Combines ballet barre exercises, with flexibility, core conditioning, muscular endurance and mat work to develop a toned physique. No dance experience is required. Suggested footwear: socks with grips on the bottom.

Mindful Meditation

Be calmer, less stressed, focused and grounded through instruction, discussion and practice.

Core Yoga

Designed to increase core strength and enhance postural alignment of the feet, pelvis and torso while improving postural alignment, awareness, balance, and stability of the pelvis and spine.

Beginner Yoga

Offered at a slower pace, focuses on the basics of yoga, breathwork and movement.