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2021 Virtual Israeli Film Festival

Enjoy award-winning Israeli films from the comfort of your home

To access the films you will need a Vimeo account. It’s free and you can set it up anytime at
More details and passwords for film screenings will be available with each film.

All films are free and have English subtitles.


June 17-18

Comedy | 2019 | 104 min

Another Israeli film from the makers of Maktoub, starring
Guy Amir, Hanan Savyon, Shiri Maimon and Tsahi Halevi.

Set in the south of Israel near the Gaza border, in a place where the beleaguered citizens live with incoming rocket fire, longtime pals Shaul and Nissan attempt to rob a postal bank. But the mismanaged job results in Shaul being collared and sent to prison. Years later, upon his release, Shaul is less than pleased to be greeted by the newly religious Nissan seeking his forgiveness.


June 20-21

Drama | 2020 | 85 min

2020 Israeli drama film starring Shira Haas. The film was premiered online at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), where it won the awards for Best Actress (Shira Haas), Best Cinematography (Daniella Nowitz) as well as the Nora Ephron Prize (Ruthy Pribar). After winning Best Picture at the 30th Israeli Academy Awards (Ophir Awards), it was automatically submitted as the Israeli entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards. The film won eight additional Israeli Academy Awards (Ophir Awards) out of a total twelve nominations, including both Best Leading Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

Asia’s motherhood has always been an ongoing struggle rather than an obvious instinct. Becoming a mother at a very early age has shaped Asia’s relationship with her teenage daughter Vika. Despite living together, Asia and Vika barely interact with one another. Asia concentrates on her job as a nurse while Vika hangs out at the skate-park with her friends. Their routine is shaken when Vika’s health deteriorates rapidly. Asia must step in and become the mother Vika so desperately needs. Vika’s illness turns out to be an opportunity to reveal the great love within this small family unit.


Peace and War

June 24-25

Documentary | 2020 | 85 min

This powerful film was produced in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt and presents a surprising and unfamiliar portrait of Israel’s sixth prime minister. Menachem Begin led Israel for six dramatic and tumultuous years, which produced waves that are still felt deeply within the fabric of Israel’s social and political landscape. During Begin’s shortened one and a half terms of office, he faced a maelstrom of challenges and made a handful of fateful decisions that led to both creating peace and launching an unwinnable war. By exploring these events, the film depicts a multi-faceted portrait of a man who held on to an unwavering ideology full of conflicts, as well as the cultural mosaic and fissured society that he sought to lead. The film merges rare archival footage shown for the first time, as well as current interviews held with key figures during Menachem Begin’s time as Prime Minister.

Kiss Me Kosher

June 27-28

Narrative | 2019 | 105 min

Sparks fly when two families from wildly different cultural backgrounds collide to plan a same-sex wedding, in this screwball romantic comedy that crosses all borders.

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After a string of not-too-serious ex-girlfriends, Shira (Moran Rosenblatt) has finally found real love with Maria (Luise Wolfram), a German who has uprooted entirely just to be with Shira in Tel Aviv. The two women plan to marry…eventually. But when Shira’s family inadvertently discovers the engagement, wedding plans kick into high gear. Even Maria’s parents insist on a big ceremony, and when they get to Israel, the two families awkwardly try to overcome their cultural and religious differences. All, that is, except Shira’s headstrong and fiercely independent grandmother, Berta (Rivka Michaeli), who strongly disapproves of any marriage between Germans and Jews and will go to any lengths to break up the happy couple. But Berta’s love life gets complicated after she secretly starts seeing a Palestinian man. As Shira’s younger brother eagerly documents the family chaos for a school video project, Shira and Maria discover the road to happiness is more a minefield, littered with booby traps that could detonate at any time.

Here We Are

June 29-30

Drama | 2020 | 92 min

Aharon has devoted his life to raising his son Uri. They live together in a gentle routine, away from the real world. But Uri is autistic, and now as a young adult it might be time for him to live in a specialized home. While on their way to the institution, Aharon decides to run away with his son and hits the road, knowing that Uri is not ready for this separation. Or is it, in fact, his father who is not ready?




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