SJCC Instructor Profile

Adam Wilkinson

SpinFit Instructor

What do you like best about teaching SpinFit classes?
I love fitness and staying active.
As an avid road cyclist, I love promoting the hobby to others.
Indoor cycling has been a part of my lifestyle for many years.
I love preparing class profiles, matching my favourite music to my favourite fitness activity.
It’s very gratifying to share my music and my cycling style with people of all ages and abilities.


What would you like your participants to get out of these classes?
A high energy workout
An appreciation of music they’ve never heard before, or never thought of matching to their workout
Being able to allow music to drive your workout: Matching music to movement
A better understanding of how the body works, how to maximize its energy output and shorten it’s recovery time. This ultimately leads to improved overall fitness. I don’t just tell you what to do, but why to do it.
Improve cycling form: If participants are interested in taking up cycling as a hobby, or are already into the sport, my class will have a positive impact in the saddle.
A sense of community: My class is always a positive environment where you can meet new people, have positive discussions and make new friendships.


Who do you recommend take them?
Anyone who is looking for a fitness class driven by music outside of the Top 40 that they’ve never heard before
• SpinFit is self-driven by nature; it’s the participant who decides how far they want to push their envelope. My class is guaranteed to take you beyond your comfort zone. I will always give you an opportunity to test your max. It’s perfect if you’re looking to break through a plateau.
Indoor cycling is a high energy, low impact fitness    activity. This makes it a perfect way for people of all    ages and abilities to truly maximize their anaerobic    capability while staying safe.


What do you do when you are not teaching?
I am an avid road cyclist who spends a great deal    of my free time in my bike’s saddle. I recently cycled to the top of Mont Ventoux, said to be one of the toughest stages of the Tour de France. It’s a climb I’ll never forget!
I’m also a DJ in my spare time. You might find me on weekends behind the decks at outdoor events or house parties. I have a strong understanding of how music works, and I integrate this knowledge into every one of my SpinFit classes.
When I’m not pedaling on the bike or spinning records in the DJ booth, I’m cooking up your next SpinFit class that’s guarantee to make you move, make you sweat, and make you FIT!


Join Adam for SpinFit Wednesday’s at 6:00 pm

SpinFit is included in your SJCC Membership